About us

About us

Welcome to the Fundraisers Alliance Belgium (FAB)

For over more than 13 years, Belgian Fundraisers met in an informal way to exchange knowledge and to share experiences. However, this seemed to be inadequate. They needed more than mouth to mouth knowledge and random encounters. Fundraisers often stand alone in Belgium, whereas colleagues in neighbouring countries are part of a broad network and have access to rich databases of expertise.

A couple of motivated fundraisers decided in early 2011 to pursue a professional trade alliance of fundraisers in Belgium. This initiative group, consisting of 7 people, established the solid base of what is now called the Fundraisers Alliance Belgium.

The Fundraisers Alliance Belgium (FAB) was founded to be the professional association of fundraisers in Belgium. FAB wants to bring all fundraisers in Belgium together and wants to support all fundraisers in Belgium who work for the common good. FAB wants to do this through leadership, representation and professionalism. FAB is committed to the recognition of fundraising as a profession.

The Alliance was founded because fundraisers throughout Belgium ensure sustainable change through the promotion of solidarity and philanthropy.

Member of the European Fundraising Association and Impactcoalitie