About Conference on ‘How to organise original events (for fundraising)’

Conference on ‘How to organise original events (for fundraising)’

Hélène Leroy (Medecins du Monde)

Dokters Van De Wereld / Médecins Du Monde (DvdW – MdM) has been organising from Bike Tour to #DocRiders, bike riding & fund raising since several years. After many years of Bike tours they moved to a different concept whose first edition happened during 22-23/09 weekend. The fondament stays the same : the participating teams are sponsored to raise funds for different DvdW – MdM projects, but the partnership approach is different.

(Powerpoint: English, Spoken language: French)

Linda Sonck (UZ Brussel)

Linda Sonck is a communication and fundraising manager with a proven track record in project management, strategic planning, corporate partnerships and campaigns. One of her specialties is organizing out of the box (press) events.

During her career as a fundraiser she has organised several successful events to raise awareness and funds for charities. During this conference she will talk about the successful events, but also about the less successful ones.

(Powerpoint: English, Spoken language: Dutch)

Antwerp Diner

Antwerp Diner was founded in the 1990s as the initiative of an Antwerp hotel manager. It was his dream to organize a charity with the Antwerp hotels for organizations that are committed to the prevention and cure of AIDS and HIV. After his death, the initiative was stopped for a while. In 2009, a new team, made up of HoReCa professionals, started over with the Antwerp Diner. In 2018 we will organize the 17th edition. With the benefit  three Belgian organizations are supported. These organizations depend to a greater or lesser extent on the funds of Antwerp Diner. The goal is to raise at least 75 000 Euro each year, generated by selling tables, a tombola during the evening itself and sponsoring by all our suppliers,  (top)chefs and artists. Antwerp Diner remains a successful event because it offers a unique combination of gastronomy, entertainment and fundraising.

(Powerpoint: English, Spoken language: Dutch)

As soon we have more information about the program, we will share it here.

Practical information:
Date: 27/11/2018, 09u00 to 12u30
Location: Brussels, @Broederlijk Delen , Huidevettersstraat 165 1000 Brussel
Language: Presentations: English / Spoken languages: French, Dutch


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