About Masterclass 'Marketing and Fundraising: Two sides of the same coin?'

Masterclass 'Marketing and Fundraising: Two sides of the same coin?'

Marketing and Fundraising are often viewed as a pair of the same kind, in many organisations terminologically interchangeable, in any case both framed as the same necessary evil. But what exactly is the relationship and interaction between the two disciplines? Are they really two sides of the same coin or completely different?

In this FAB masterclass we assure you an enlightening presentation that explains why the Siamese twins turn out not to be as Siamese after all.

In a nutshell:

  • IMG_5077.JPGWe explore the theoretical side of Fundraising and Marketing, showing where activities and skills in the profession of Marketer and Fundraiser coincide, but also why a marketing strategy is not the same as an efficient fundraising strategy, why the budgetary logic behind both is different and especially why both disciplines do not have an identical finality and objective and sometimes take place in a completely different time spectrum. 
  • We explain what competencies you need in the organisation to deploy these two specific fields optimally and to make sure they strengthen each other, how to connect a marketing and fundraising plan optimally, where the two must certainly shake hands in function of an effective organisational strategy and last but not least, how to transform a brand believer into a structural giver.
  • We'll talk about the communication component that is vital for the existence of both Marketing and Fundraising. Also when it comes to communication there are undoubtedly many similarities. For example: the need for consistency in storytelling, a clear narrative to communicate the mission of the organisation, an appealing tone and image, etc. At the same time, they are not quite the same and both fields of expertise have their specific communication needs and requirements.

Want to know more about the wonderful universe in which Marketing, Fundraising and Communication are located? Want to find out why they have to interact permanently in that universe? Why they attract each other and at the same time sometimes have to keep each other at distance? But above all how to make sure they don’t collide?

Register now for this interactive intergalactic masterclass. Because we alternate theory with practice and also a few exercises, the number of attendants is limited.

This masterclass is given by:

  • Jeroen Brugge, Fundraising, marketing and communication consultant for non- and social-profit (Noguru Consult), he has over 20 years of experience in organisations such as Plan International Belgium, Natuurpunt, Oxfam Fairtrade, ...
  • Frank Geers, Market, Research and Consumer consultant (MaResCon Consulting).

Practical information:
Date: Thursday 03/12/2020 from 9.30 till 12.30 (+networking lunch afterwards)
Location: Brussels, exact location to be confirmed
Language: Dutch
Price: 100 EUR for members / 190 € for non-members (VAT not included)


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