About Introduction to crisis preparedness and crisis communication for Fundraisers.

Introduction to crisis preparedness and crisis communication for Fundraisers.

Don't panic. It's only a crisis.

At some point in its existence, every organization is faced with a crisis situation. The cause may lie in the organization itself or it may be due to an external context that you have to anticipate on. You can be critically tackled in the media, face a cyber attack on critical systems such as CRM, get in the eye of a social media storm, etc. In many cases nothing less than the reputation and credibility of the organization are at stake. A real crisis is therefore always inconvenient, unexpected and disruptive. When a crisis hits the organisation, beautiful theoretical communications are suddenly less reality proof than you thought, decision-making processes do not longer guarantee the best, fastest and most accurate decisions. In short, it is chaos.

As a fundraiser, you are often on the front line when your organisation is hit by a crisis. After all, you are the one who is in direct contact with a very essential group of stakeholders: the donors. You must protect the credibility of the organization at all times, but also ensure that fundraising operations remain intact, that the income stream keeps going, that external parties are correctly informed, internal agreements are complied with. Preferably all at the same time and now.

In this session we give you an introduction on:

  • how to recognize and assess a crisis
  • how you can prepare your team and the organization (increase your crisis preparedness)
  • which techniques you can use to respond accurately
  • how you communicate with your stakeholders in times of crisis
  • how to handle the media
  • how you can still discover opportunities in disruptive times that will make the organization more crisis-resistant in the future and much more.

This 3 hour introduction to crisis communication and management will be given by PM Risk.Crisis.Change. PM makes individuals, teams and organizations more resilient by preparing and guiding them during crisis situations. They constantly innovate in the world of risk, crisis and change. PM has two decades of operational experience in the most diverse sectors during both physical and non-physical crisis situations.

Speaking for PM: 

  • Kim De Raedt, Crisis advisor and strategist at PM  • Risk Crisis Change, specialized in crisis communication
  • Jeroen Brugge,  independent Fundraising consultant for non- and social profit / advisor at PM • Risk Crisis Change.

Practical information:
Date: Tuesday 15/12/2020 from 9.30 till 12.30 (+networking lunch afterwards)
Location: Brussels, exact location to be confirmed
Language: Dutch
Price: 115 EUR for members / 200 € for non-members (VAT not included)


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