About FAB Webinar on Donor Data and Fundraising CRM

FAB Webinar on Donor Data and Fundraising CRM

Data-driven fundraising helps nonprofits base their actions on facts. But how do you collect the right data in an effective way? And how do you use these data? A CRM-system and using it properly is key.

What is data-driven fundraising and how do you do it? - an overview by Ilja De Coster, senior fundraising consultant and fundraising data strategist at DonorVoice.

FAB-Friends and CRM-providers Devinity, Eudonet, iRaiser and Procurios will provide you with advice, insights and take-aways to use in your job on the following topics:

  • Devinity: The big wins of a data driven CRM In what way can you win time by implementing CRM. What can be automated?
  • Procurios: Why your CRM should fit your organisation 
  • Eudonet: Using scoring for Better Donor Knowledge - Build simple scoring models to identify, retain and engage your most valuable donors
  • iRaiser: Analysis and Reporting: monitor your fundraising goals and results and optimise the ROI of your marketing campaigns

When? Thursday 2 June (from 10.00 AM to 12.15 PM.)

Where? Online via Zoom (a link will be sent out to login to the webinar)

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