About Education session Storytelling for beginners (for non-profit and ngo's)

Education session Storytelling for beginners (for non-profit and ngo's)

Stories are one of the most important parts of a fundraiser’s toolkit. But as the day-job takes over it can be easy to neglect them. To get wrapped up in the jargon and numbers that define our world. This is your chance to take a step back. To reflect on the role and purpose of storytelling in fundraising, and different ways to help you find, shape and share the stories that bring your work to life.

Suitable for fundraisers who want to find out more about the art of storytelling, this half day course will explore:

  • The role and science of stories for non-profits and NGOs.
  • The ethics of good storytelling.
  • Tips and tricks to find and write great stories.
  • Beyond the written word, campaign stories that inspired action.

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This session is given by Jennifer Ruthe, freelance charity copywriter and fundraising specialist at Written by Jen, with over ten years of experience in fundraising in several international non-profit organisations. She will share her theory and tips, but will also go into interaction with the participants.

Practical information:

Date: Thursday 10 February 2022,09.30 AM to 12.30 PM
Location: Due to corona-circumstances the session will be held online (via Zoom)
Language: English
Price: 100 EUR for members/ 190 EUR for non-members (VAT not included)

This session is open to FAB members and fundraisers working for non-commercial entities.


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