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Benefits of being an FAB member

Information and knowledge

  • Free monthly newsletter (about activities, news, facts, job offers, tips & tricks).
  • Knowledge exchange on Conferences, Education Sessions (and occasional Special Interest Groups).
  • Members of the Fundraisers Alliance Belgium can ask the Alliance to spread relevant facts, news and job offers to their network. Please send it to
  • Members get access to the extranet, where they can find all presentations of past conferences and important documents.
  • Follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.


  • Conferences (3-4 times per year) with experts in the field of fundraising. These are free for members.
    Topics in 2019: Difference in fundraising and donor behaviour between Flanders and Wallonia, Major Donors & Legacies, Relationship between commercial providers and fundraising organisations, Segmentation of Donors.
  • Education sessions: Beginners or advanced education sessions about topics like general introduction into Fundraising, Strategic Planning for fundraisers, Data and Metrics in Fundraising, Donor Journey, Telemarketing & Direct Mail. Strongly reduced entrancefees for members.

Who are our members?

Need help convincing your boss to become a member? Show him/her this document:
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The Fundraisers Alliance Belgium would gladly welcome you to become a member. Membership is personal, not an organisation membership. Only the members enjoy the reduced prices for conferences and education sessions. Get a discount as of three members per organisation!

The membership fee depends on your status as a fundraiser.

Have a look into the articles of the association.

Membership categories

Title Description Fee
Associate member Less than 3 years of fundraising experience Volunteer: 75€
Professional: 175€
Consultant/supplier: 325€
Full member* Over 3 years fundraising experience Volunteer: 75€
Professional: 175€
Consultant/supplier: 325€

*Only full members have the right to vote during the general meeting of the FAB.

We give the possibility to subscribe with several colleagues and get a discount:
As of the number of three colleagues becoming FAB-members you get a discount of 15% on the membership fees. If you wish to enjoy the discount, please send an e-mail to with the name of the organisation, adress, (VAT-number), names, functions, e-mailadresses, number of years of experience in fundraising per person you wish to enroll for membership.

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