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Benefits of being an FAB member

Information and knowledge

  • Free monthly newsletter (about activities, news, facts, job offers, tips & tricks).
  • Knowledge exchange on Conferences, Education Sessions (and occasional Special Interest Groups).
  • Members of the Fundraisers Alliance Belgium can ask the Alliance to spread relevant facts, news and job offers to their network. Please send it to
  • Members get access to the extranet, where they can find all presentations of past conferences and important documents.
  • Follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.


  • Conferences (3-4 times per year) with experts in the field of fundraising. These are free for members.
    Topics in 2019: Difference in fundraising and donor behaviour between Flanders and Wallonia, Major Donors & Legacies, Relationship between commercial providers and fundraising organisations, Segmentation of Donors.
  • Education sessions: Beginners or advanced education sessions about topics like general introduction into Fundraising, Strategic Planning for fundraisers, Data and Metrics in Fundraising, Donor Journey, Telemarketing & Direct Mail. Strongly reduced entrancefees for members.
  • Occasional Special Interest Groups (interactive sessions for sharing knowledge and experience with colleagues in fundraising about specified themes). These are members only and free for members.

Who are our members?

Need help convincing your boss to become a member? Show him/her this document:
convince your boss _2019

The Fundraisers Alliance Belgium would gladly welcome you to become a member. Membership is personal, not an organisation membership. Only the members enjoy the reduced prices for conferences and education sessions. Get a discount as of three members per organisation!

The membership fee depends on your status as a fundraiser.

Have a look into the articles of the association.

Membership categories

Title Description Fee
Associate member Less than 3 years of fundraising experience Volunteer: 75€
Professional: 175€
Consultant/supplier: 325€
Full member* Over 3 years fundraising experience Volunteer: 75€
Professional: 175€
Consultant/supplier: 325€

*Only full members have the right to vote during the general meeting of the FAB.

We give the possibility to subscribe with several colleagues and get a discount:
As of the number of three colleagues becoming FAB-members you get a discount of 15% on the membership fees. If you wish to enjoy the discount, please send an e-mail to with the name of the organisation, adress, (VAT-number), names, functions, e-mailadresses, number of years of experience in fundraising per person you wish to enroll for membership.

In order to become a member, please fill in the application form below. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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