FAB welcomes a new friend of the FAB: Kentaa

FAB welcomes a new friend of the FAB: Kentaa

28 January 2020

Kentaa is a 'social enterprise' specialized in smart, white-labelled online platforms for crowdfunding, event fundraising and peer to peer fundraising.

They help organizations that strive to make the world a better place by providing them with the best fundraising web tools. Their clients include charities, NGOs, universities, hospitals and museums.

The Kentaa team consists of 12 enthusiastic experts that vigorously aim to deliver the best product with the best possible service. For them, the launch of platform is the start of a partnership. They commit to their clients' success and foster longterm relationships. They stand by their clients with all the support and consultancy they need in order for them to make the most of their fundraising campaigns. At no additional cost. 

They love to share their knowledge and experience with successful and fun online fundraising.

Check out the Kentaa website.