Fundraising in times of coronavirus and 'lockdown'

Fundraising in times of coronavirus and 'lockdown'

16 March 2020

Raising funds has recently been made even more challenging as we are facing the Coronavirus pandemic and the social and economic consequences that come with it.

Paardenbloem.jpgTo be sure to get through this crisis as well as possible it is of utmost importance that we follow the recommendations concerning the Coronavirus. What are the consequences for fundraisers?

  1. This means we’ll be working from home and that meetings will have to be cancelled. Remote work, teleconferences, webinars, … will take place instead. Not all new maybe, but nevertheless a big change, if internal communication can only happen through digital ways.
  2. Fundraising events, conferences, face-fo-face fundraising and professional external meetings will be cancelled. Make sure you have a transparant communication on the cancellation of events and meetings. And where appropriate, offer other ways for participants to support your charity. You could try an online version of the event or give them guidance by giving them copy for their social media to share that they support your organisation.
  3. Time to explore new ways of raising funds online. Make your fundraising messages stand out even more in your online presence as your fundraising events and public gatherings will be cancelled. Make sure to share what other supporters are doing to help your cause. Invest more time in your online community and connecting with your supporters there.
  4. The elderly will be more isolated and somewhat lonely as they are adviced to stay in as much as possible. It might be the time to give them a call.
  5. As many companies are facing economic consequences from this Corona-crisis donations or sponsoring from this group might be under pressure. Nevertheless keep investing in these connections and show them understanding.
  6. Is your organisation active in healthcare? Show them how your organisation anticipates in this crisis and what you mean to society.
  7. The amount of asks to donate will rise in general. That is for sure. But keep in mind! People will want to keep giving. Don’t hold back from asking. Give them ways they can help and show the difference your organisation makes.
  8. Be honest to your supporters and all stakeholders about the consequences that the Corona-epedemic has on your organisation.
  9. Take lessons from this for the future. Learn from this experience. What were the main challenges your fundraising team faced? Reflect on them and the lessons learned from it.

Let us as fundraisers help each other. If you are facing particular problems, have questions, or want to give advice, do not hesitate to launch your question or advice on the LinkedIn Fundraisers Alliance Belgium page or private group or send it to us via to share with the other members.

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