Past activities

  1. FAB Conference on the relationship between commercial providers and fundraising organisations + General Assembly FAB

    13 June

    During this conference commercial providers and fundraising organisations will be talking about their reciprocal relationship. How to make good agreements and best communicate with each other and about the cooperation to the outside world.

  2. Education session 'Telemarketing' and 'Direct Mail'

    28 May

    During this education session you will be plunged into the experiences in telemarketing and direct mail by FAB partners Mindwize and DSC.

  3. Education session 'Data and metrics in fundraising'

    09 May

    During this day Ilja De Coster will take you through his secrets about data and metrics in fundraising.

  4. FAB Conference on the difference between Flanders and Wallonia in fundraising and donor behaviour

    25 April

    Listen to fundraisers sharing their experience and knowledge about the difference between Flanders and Wallonia in fundraising and donor behaviour.

  5. Education session 'General introduction into fundraising'

    21 February

    In this general introduction into fundraising, we focus mainly on the basics of fundraising.

  6. Education session 'Donor Journeys'

    11 December

    Donor retention, donor journeys, integrated communications, persona’s and satisfaction surveys…

  7. Conference on ‘How to organise original events (for fundraising)’

    27 November

    How to organise original events (for fundraising)?

  8. Education session 'Strategic Planning for Fundraisers'

    23 October

    This program is intended for fundraisers who determine and control the strategy of their fundraising. Participants preferably have some more experience in fundraising.

  9. Education session ‘Social media for fundraisers’

    25 September

    Social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have a proven impact on current society, and are of great importance in our communication.

  10. Conference 'Warmste Week'

    11 September

    What better way to prepare for the next edition of De Warmste Week? Get inspired by the person responsible for the digital footprint and community management of the Warmste Week and by the cases by non-profits that strongly invest in De Warmste Week.

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