Past activities

  1. Education session 'General introduction into fundraising'

    20 February

    In this general introduction to fundraising, we focus mainly on the basics of fundraising.

  2. Conference on gamification and VR in Fundraising

    23 January

    During this conference you will get information about gamification in fundraising (theoretical information and cases by a gamification evangelist) and cases by fellow-fundraisers about gamification and Virtual Reality in Fundraising.

  3. Education session ‘Storytelling’ by Rudy Pieters

    16 November

    Stories instead of slogans. And that is good news for fundraisers, because organizations in social profit and government have loads of authentic stories. We just have to find them.

  4. Conference on ‘Impact in fundraising’

    11 October

    This conference will handle the concept of ‘impact’ in fundraising.

  5. Conference 'Data and fundraising'

    07 September

    What will change with the new GDPR-rules in may 2018?

  6. Conference on how to deal with legacies?

    22 June

    More and more people donate their inheritance (or a part) to charity.

  7. Education session: Strategic Planning for fundraisers

    11 May

    This program is intended for fundraisers who determine and control the strategy of their fundraising. Participants preferably have some more experience in fundraising.

  8. Education session Fundraising Basics

    19 January

    This course is targeted at people who are new to fundraising and/or marketing.

  9. Conference: major donor fundraising + special interest group

    22 November

    Conference: major donor fundraising + special interest group

  10. Education (advanced): data-driven fundraising

    25 October

    Learn all about data-driven fundraising.

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Friends of the FAB