Private fundraising by Belgian non-profit organisations - study by HOGENT and FAB

Private fundraising by Belgian non-profit organisations - study by HOGENT and FAB

28 June 2022

Fundraisers Alliance Belgium (FAB) and HOGENT analysed how Belgian non-profit organisations raise funds from individuals and the role of fundraisers in the organisations (study 2020). This extensive report contains the results of the study as well as tips for fundraising organisations.

FAB and HOGENT emphasise the importance of a professional fundraising approach in order to successfully increase structural donations.

Donations to charities remained quite favourable in 2020, despite the corona crisis. Compared to 2017, in 2020 two thirds of charities experienced either an increase in income from donations and legacies or their income remained the same. “The study also shows us that a lot depends on the type of organisation, its size and whether it has a professional framework in place to enable it to respond quickly in a crisis situation,” explains Jeroen Brugge, FAB Board Member. The majority of fundraisers view the future positively. More than 80% expect donations and legacies not to decline in the coming years.

Favourable results linked to fundraising professionalism

The study shows that maintaining income from gifts and legacies is strongly linked to the degree of professionalism in fundraising. A personal approach to potential donors and effective data management are important aspects.  Joke Persyn, HOGENT: ”A CRM system often means that organisations communicate on a personal level with their donors, which is crucial for good fundraising. That possibly explains the impact of the CRM system.” Her colleague Ann-Sophie Bouckaert indicates, with regard to the legacy barometer, that a highly personal approach also works with regard to legacies. It is therefore worthwhile for organisations to get to know their target group and to collect the necessary data.

Would you like to know more about the results of the study and receive advice, models and tips to get started with your own fundraising? Download the publication (in Dutch, pdf, 160 pages) here.

Particuliere fondsenwerving door Belgische non-profitorganisaties - studie door HOGENT en FAB